Video Profile


We are interested in getting to know you a little better…

Please send us a video profile to introduce yourself! (It’s easy, we promise)

Three Simple Tips for Creating Your Video

1. The Set Up

Don’t try to be fancy. We’re looking for authentic and natural.

Simply choose a brightly lit room with minimal outside noise.

Sit down in a chair so that you are comfortable, and the camera is focused mostly from the shoulders up.


2. Recording Your Video

Use your phone (“selfie” videos are fine!) or the built-in camera on your computer.

Feel free to speak from bullet points, but please do not read.

Writing your ideas ahead of time will clarify your thoughts.


3. What to Include

Aim for 60-seconds.

Tip: Review the job description again and the company website to look for things that make you the perfect match.

Take the opportunity to share an experience or quality about yourself that might not shine through on your resume.

Here’s a sample:


Email or text video file to Sandy Neumann:

(904) 509-2253