Concierge-Style Service

Your call is answered. And with a pleasant “Hello, ____! What can I do for you today?”
(You feel heard.)

You always talk with the same person. Your agent, Chad, is your single point of contact. Even though there are lots of people working behind the scenes.

Everyone stays informed. With easy-to-share “Important Date” sheets and simple email updates, the whole family can understand what’s happening next. This takes the burden of communication off of you.

Transparency. If you choose, you can be an “observer” to our back office. Watch our team execute through checklists, offer feedback on ad designs, and observe the creative process! Listen or join conversations through Facebook-style interface.

Top-tier referrals. Need to hire local service providers? We only work with the best. We’ll make the introduction, collect quotes, meet contractors at the property, monitor work performance. If you choose, we can handle the process for you, from start to finish!

What’s it like to work with us?

Our customers can relax at the beach while we attend inspections, coordinate repairs, meet contractors and appraisers.


Flying in to Jacksonville? We’ll even pick you up at the airport and assist with accommodations.


But it doesn’t stop at closing! Our concierge-style service continues after the sale. Our customers call on us anytime they have a question or need a recommendation. In fact, we still communicate regularly with our very first customers!

About Us

We founded Neumann Realty Corp in 2009. We got our start in real estate around 2006 just as the market bubble was bursting. And it was a blessing in disguise! We learned how to build and sustain a relationship-based business during very difficult times. Since then our business has grown almost exclusively by personal referral.


Today we are Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialists. Still entrepreneurs at heart. Dreamers by nature. And our greatest achievement (other than our spoiled-rotten chihuahua) has been creating a business that allows us to spend our days working together doing what we love.

PS -- Need real estate help outside of Jacksonville? We’ve got an exclusive network of agents who work just like we do. From all over the world. 



Lifelong resident of Jacksonville, FL. Personality style: boy-next-door. Strongest traits: analytical, responsible, aggressive. Chad never stops studying. Headphones while driving and books at home. Favorite topics are negotiating, influence and investing. (and of course, real estate). Currently saving to purchase his first multi-family apartment complex.


Loves writing and design. Was published online and in print. Studied pre-law but finished as an entrepreneur with Bachelor's of Science in Management. Personality style: quiet, analytical, strategic. Once talked Chad into hosting Ukrainian orphans and living overseas. Will probably write a book one day. Loves the beach. Proud owner of a very human-like chihuahua.