Crazy Fish – Providing Thrilling Airboat Rides, Great Eats and more!

If you are looking for a unique and fun experience, an airboat ride is just the perfect excursion.  What is an airboat and how is it different from any other kind of boat?  Well, airboats are pretty cool contraptions!  This flat-bottom vessel was made to be used in marshy or shallow areas where other water crafts could not go.  This airboat is powered by what looks like a large fan attached behind it.  You can go so fast it seems like you are just skimming the surface with this big vessel.  The large fans blow so strong that they could blow down an adult! 

Airboat Ride

Going on an airboat is quite a ride! If you are looking to take this adventure for a go, Jacksonville, Florida has a great place that offers airboat rides.  It is called Crazy Fish.  They offer tours where you can get to see all sorts of awesome wildlife such as porpoise, manatees, wild marsh birds and eagles.  If you get real lucky, you may even spot an alligator though I am sure many people prefer to see those animals from a distance … a far distance.  These beautiful scenic views of the Intercoastal Waterways are pretty awesome as well.  The Intercoastal Waterway is an inland waterway that is along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts of the United States.  It has been used for transportation and commercial activity.  Be sure to do the Dolphin Limousine Tour.  More often than not you will get to see these playful dolphins.  Who doesn’t love dolphins?!  They are one of the cutest animals found in the water!  Watch them jump and play at such a close distance.  Crazy Fish has a brand new 18 passenger seat airboat which is very comfortable and accommodating for you and your large party.  This isn’t just an up and close ride to observe wildlife – it is really a thrill ride!  With the fast speed, gliding over land and under bridges your tour guide uses their skill to show you how awesome these airboats really are and show you what they can really do.  With the wind whipping around you be sure that you don’t wear anything that can be blown away.  This is a great trip for a girl’s day out, family outing or even a daytime activity for bachelor and bachelorette parties. 

Other Adventures

Not only does Crazy Fish offer air boat tours but you can also charter a fishing trip with them as well.  Go fishing with their experience captains.  All you have to do is bring yourself as they provide all the equipment needed to catch trout, redfish, flounder, bluefish, jacks and more.  They will take you to the best spots to catch your meal and give you a bit of a tour about the area!  There are 4 people per boat, which is perfect for fishing.  The best meals are the ones you caught yourself.  You can also rent kayaks for either a half day or as little as an hour.  You can go on your own or they also can provide awesome instructional and eco tours where you can go any time of the day – even during a full moon tours at night. 

Yummy Bites

After all those adventures you are going to build quite the appetite!  So it is only fitting that you can grab a bit to eat right at Crazy fish.  They have a great restaurant where they have awesome outdoor seating.  Enjoy your delicious meal while watching the boats pull in and out of the marina and get a gorgeous view of the Intercoastal Waterway.  All of the fish they serve is fresh.  A dish that is a must to try is the seafood egg roll appetizer, though it looks more like a burrito.  The calamari and the shrimp are great choices as well.  They also have spectacular drinks so even if you’re not all that hungry it is worth relaxing on their outdoor patio and getting something to sip on while enjoying the nice Florida weather. 

The atmosphere is casual and relax so don’t worry about putting on your Sunday’s best.  The menu is on a chalkboard and you order right when you come in.  Roam around and when it is ready you pick it up and find your seat.  Some say Crazy Fish reminds them of the restaurants in Newport Beach in California.  The décor is fun and everyone is very friendly.  They have great service.  It is sort of off the beaten path but when you find it Crazy Fish is well worth the visit!  It will be like you found a hidden gem!

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Have you ever been on an airboat ride? If so, share your experience in the comments below!