How You Can Build Trust With Your Customers

If you're looking to build credibility and trust, these 3 examples may inspire you to come up with tactics of your own! Simple things like these done repeatedly over time work. (It's easier than you think.)

Three Simple Ways To Build Credibility

So what are some simple ways you can build credibility with your customers?

One of the easiest ones is when I say something and then I actually follow through and do it. So, for example, if I tell my customer that I’m going to call them on Friday and give them an update, then I call them on Friday and give them an update. In this case I’m calling people who need to sell their home. On Mondays I talk with my sellers to tell them my plans for the week. If we’re marketing the home for sale I’ll share my marketing plan for the week. If we’ve already got a buyer under contract I’ll tell them what will be happening this week. Then on Friday, I tell them what was accomplished. (On Monday, I tell them what we’re going to do. On Friday I tell them what we did.)

If I schedule an appointment with a customer and I say that I’m going to be there at 9:00am, then I’m going to show up early, be on time and be prepared. Another scenario with customers who are buying or selling a home would be closing costs.  When my customers show up at the closing table for a real estate sale, they can expect to see numbers within a few dollars of what I told them originally during our first conversations.

So, to build trust with your customers you can build credibility simply by doing what you say you’re going to do. Following through. And setting expectations.