Cinotti's Bakery and Pelican Point Have Generational Impact in Jacksonville Beach

People don’t just RELOCATE to Jacksonville Beach; they STAY here for generations. Today we’re going to show you a condo community that’s actually hard to get into because many of the owners keep the units in the family. And also introduce you to the 5th generation owner of Jacksonville Beach’s beloved hot spot: Cinotti’s Bakery!

How did Cinotti’s owner end up in Jacksonville Beach?

“I was raised here!” says fifth-generation owner, Mike Cinotti. Like so many other Jacksonville residents, Mike’s grandfather uprooted his family to the Sunshine State where they bought property and opened their bakery many years ago. So Mike was born a Floridian, a Jacksonville native. He remembers growing up in the bakery actually baking cheesecakes at age of seven. When he became a father, his children also grew up in the bakery. They kept early hours as you can imagine. He remembers his daughter Michelle (who now runs the bakery) and her siblings sleeping in bread pans! Back then sections of the bakery were blocked off with baby gates. At one point Mike was told he could no longer work in the bakery without risking his own health. But that didn’t stop him. He ventured out to Jacksonville Beach and opened the location where he still works today.

Why a Bakery?

Mike says, matter-of-factly: “My Grandfather baked, I grew up baking, my , my kids grew up in the bakery. At one time we had five generations working side by side…” To the Cinottis, baking is just what they do. And have always done. MIke’s grandfather came to the United States from Italy (possibly through Canada) and settled into the Cleveland, Ohio area. Their grandfather was very reserved and didn’t talk much about his parents and grandparents, or where he learned to bake, or how he got started in the bakery. In fact their grandfather didn’t share much at all with his kids and grandkids about the details. Baking is just something they’ve always done and grew up around. 

What does your family do to help impact future generations?

The family is very involved in their local church. Mike’s wife, Doodle, frequents Haiti on mission trips so frequently that they formed a 501c3 non-profit. One hundred percent of the organization’s proceeds goes to the underprivileged in Haiti where they are having a direct and far-reaching impact on Haitian people. They’ve started several gardens in Haiti that serve as a source of employment for local residents there. They’re involved in ministry there as well and created what they called a “Grandmother Home” to provide care and housing. The Cinotti family is known to host Haitians in their own home. The bakery employes several Haitians who work in the store to earn money, learn english, and change the course of their family tree. It’s a chance for some individuals to create a different kind of life for themselves, their families, and future generations. 

What’s Next for Cinotti’s Bakery?

Mike’s dream is a bakery addition next door to the existing “Cinotti’s Bakery” in Jacksonville Beach. The sole purpose of the addition would be to provide bread for homeless and underprivileged - to fuel Jacksonville’s local food banks. He calls it a ‘Bread bank.”

Cinotti’s is very generous to its community and the people who serve there. Cinotti’s won’t let fire and police personnel pay for their lunches. They’ve always been proud to support those who serve: military, fire and police. The family is deeply rooted in their faith and believes strongly in doing the right thing, not because they hope to get something in return. Just because it’s the “right thing to do.” But Mike notes that they and their ministry have always been taken care of and their needs have always been met. Based on the strong support from the community, their dominant social presence, and the lines of people out of the doors in the early morning hours, I’d say Cinotti’s is doing quite well!

To continue this episode’s theme of “generational impact,” let’s explore one of the most iconic high rise condominiums in Jacksonville Beach! Pelican Point Condominiums is tallest oceanfront building on the coastline all the way from the Carolinas to Daytona Beach. It towers at 18 stories, a favorite place for Pelican flybys! 

One of the things residents love most about Pelican Point is that all of the units have BOTH city and oceanfront views!
Selling points of Pelican Point that make it unique:

  • Northernmost part of Jax Beach residential (less commercial)
  • Most units are 2/2 1200 sqft – only the six stack has 3 bedrooms
  • Close-knit community of residents, pool, private beach access, fitness center, pickleball and tennis, covered parking and garage. Gated.

This community has elevators, garages and covered parking. The surrounding streets are almost entirely residential. You’ll definitely see more bikes than cars. Yet you can walk to Atlantic Beach Town Center for amazing local restaurants, breakfast, boutiques and night life. Pelican Point also has THE BEST views of the Navy’s Blue Angels Sea and Sky Spectacular, as well as the city’s Fourth of July fireworks display from the Jacksonville Beach pier. 

Like Pelican Point? View condos here!

Hope you enjoyed this view of Jacksonville Beach – you can see why people stay for generations! Make sure to join us on our next episode of Selling Jacksonville on The American Dream TV!

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