Jacksonville Flea Market Treasures

Whether you are shopping for unique pieces for your home or looking to pick up some fresh veggies and fruits, a flea market is a wonderful place to visit.  You never know what wonderful treasures you may stumble across. 

Jacksonville, Florida is host to many fabulous flea markets.  No doubt, the beautiful Florida weather is what makes it possible for people to visit flea markets year round but some of the best finds are found right in Jacksonville.  One of the best out there is the Ramona Flea Market.  It is located on the west side of Jacksonville and has been around since 1971.  Rain or shine, this flea market is open year round on Saturdays and Sundays.  It is a favorite among many to shop at as it sits on 46 acres!  You can find fresh and yummy produce here as well as new, used, repurposed and antique goods that are available to sale, swap, barter or trade.  This flea market is known for having great vendors who not only have great and unique items, but are also known for working with you to get that perfect price.  It is only 50 cents to enter and 10 and younger are free. 

Ramona Flea Market

If you are looking to do something with your family, the Ramona Flea Market is perfect for this.  Not only can you look for those hidden treasures and perfect pieces for your home together but they do have great entertainment for your kids.  Between the bounce houses, pony rides, clowns, face paintings, corn dogs and funnel cakes your kids won’t want to leave.  They have a spacious area near the back that has become the picnic and cafeteria area where you can go to when you need a break.  Cool down for a bit by their large fans and listen to some great music.  Many vendors and visitors can be seen enjoying the beats with a bit of dancing.  This Ramona Flea Market is a great place to grab a beer and purse for great finds at the same time.

Tips on shopping at Flea Markets

If you have never shopped at a flea market, believe it or not it does take a bit of skill -especially if you are looking to get the best item for the best price.  Shopping at a flea market is definitely not like shopping at a garage sale or your local boutique.  It does take a bit of finesse.  Here are some great tips for making your flea market shopping trip a successful one. 

1. Be and come prepared.  It is best not to hit up these flea markets in your Sunday’s best.  Many items are a bit dusty and you may get a bit dirty – especially if you are shopping for antiques.  Wear comfortable clothes that you won’t mind getting a bit of dirt on and make sure you wear some comfortable shoes.  You will be doing a ton of walking!  If you are looking to purchase large items, make sure you bring a large enough vehicle to bring home your find.  Flea market vendors do not have their own shipping service.  Also, bring cash!  Make sure you visit your own bank to pull out money so you don’t catch yourself shelling out $4-5 on service charges at ATMs.  Some vendors do take credit cards nowadays but not all.  Cash is best!!

2. Know your prices.  Do a bit of research and know what certain items are going at stores.  You may think you are getting a good deal in say, shaving cream, but more times than not, when these items that are sold at flea markets you would have been better off buying them at the local drug store or market.  Especially if you can get a coupon and sale deal off of them.  Remember that not everything is priced better at flea markets.

3. Don’t be afraid to barter.  That’s what flea markets are all about!  Getting a good deal!  So don’t be afraid to ask for a lower price because the worse they can say is no.  Give them a price that you are comfortable paying but make sure you don’t low ball them just to low ball.  Sometimes if there is 2 or more things you are interested in you can see if they will give you a packaged deal.  Also, play a little hard to get!  Don’t appear too enamored with your find.  Play it cool to get the best price.

4. Don’t let vendors push you around.  Some vendors can be pretty pushy and try to pressure you into buying.  It is okay to tell them that you don’t need their help and when you decided whether or not you are going to buy then you will let them know.  This will allow you to make your decision without them haggling you through it. 

5. Know when to shop.  Many flea market pros will show up as early as the vendors do.  This way they get first look as to what vendors are unpacking.  If you want to get a great item, especially if it is furniture or a large piece, make sure you come early.  These pieces usually are the first to go.  Though, coming late does have its advantages.  If you are lucky you can find a great item that has been overlooked over the day and get a better price for it as a vendor may just want to let it go rather than having to pack it all back up.

Whatever the reason you are decided to go to a flea market, remember to have fun, enjoy the atmosphere and enjoy the Jacksonville weather!  Fingers cross, you may just find that perfect treasure for your home!