Fun Times with the Jacksonville Sharks!

Welcome to Jacksonville Sharks indoor football! Who doesn’t love a good sporting event in their favorite city? Especially when it’s so hot outside and you’re looking for something A/C friendly! Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena, also known as Sea Best Field, is the home of our professional indoor football team — the Jacksonville Sharks.

The Jacksonville Sharks joined the Arena Football League (the AFL) in 2010 and that inaugural season set the record for the most regular season wins. The fans went crazy! They followed it up with a championship title at the Arena Bowl in their second season. How amazing is that?

Jacksonville Sharks Know How To Entertain!

When the Sharks take the field the place explodes with indoor fireworks. Yes, you heard me correctly, that’s how we roll. And then Chum, our cheeky mascot, flings himself through rings of fire and there are AC DC tunes on blast. These Jacksonville Sharks do not joke around. The shows alone are worth the ticket prices.

Speaking of which, the ticket prices are extremely affordable. Right now the web site is offering two season tickets for as low as $105. Every seat is a good seat and the temperature is always perfect. And if that wasn’t enough to blow your mind, the Jacksonville Sharks just opened a really tasty new seafood restaurant. And they also have all the usual concessions plus beer, wine and liquor.

Come on down and join us at the arena! Find out more about the Jacksonville Sharks by visiting their website at

Jacksonville Sharks on the National Stage

The Jacksonville Sharks have already made their national debut on television. With two events already broadcast and each of the next three home games to be televised, the Sharks will have a total of five appearances in front of a national audience in 2014. The season will conclude with the Arena Bowl Championship game appearing live on ESPN.

About Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena

The Jacksonville Sharks host their home games in a $130 Million facility in downtown Jacksonville. Formerly known as Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Coliseum, the arena was too outdated and small to attract big-name performers. The old coliseum was actually imploded in 2003 and rebuilt as part of Mayor Delaney’s Better Jacksonville Plan. There’s even a two-acre walking park around the building now.

The Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena, or Sea Best Field as it’s now known, can seat up to 15,000 guests. It hosts a variety of venues with its state-of-the art acoustics for concerts. This modern, multifunctional facility brings to Jacksonville everything from televised UFC fights to local rodeo events.

Shark Stats

The Jacksonville Sharks did not enter the AFL quietly. They’ve been dominating and record-breaking since they first took the field! Here’s a few quick stats to show their claim to fame.

  • All-time regular season AFL record for most games won in 2011 with 13 wins.
  • Head Coach Les Moss three-season record is 53-25.
  • All-time record in home games through four seasons as a franchise with 31 wins to only 11 losses.
  • Four Consecutive South Division titles won.
  • First team in AFL history to win a division championship in each of its first four years.
  •  Postseason record of 5-3.
  • More playoff wins than any other team in the American Conference.
  • Combined record of 16-3 against two of the most storied franchises in the AFL (in-state rivals Orlando Predators and Tampa Bay Storm)

Who doesn’t enjoy a good win? Odds are in your favor for an explosive, entertaining evening when you spend it with the Jacksonville Sharks.

Who owns the Jacksonville Sharks?

Fans adore the original leader of Jacksonville Sports Group, Jeff Bouchy. You may have heard of him as the former part owner of the Orlando Predators. Owners also include Steve Curran and Larry Payne, along with one notable you’ve definitely heard. He’s the lead singer of one of the world’s most successful rock bands that sold over 100 million records in 30 years. In April 2014, Vince Neil of Mötley Crüe (and his Rockstar Investment Group) acquired ownership of Jacksonville’s own AFL team!

Question of the day: What’s YOUR favorite part about attending special sporting events? Are you all about the game? Or are you all about the festivities throughout? Tell us below!