The Comedy Zone – Perfect for Date Night and Good for Your Health!

Looking for something unique to do for a perfect date night? 

Whether you have been married for years or maybe this is a first date – going to a comedy is the perfect activity to do.  Why is a comedy club a great first date idea?  Well a sense of humor is important to many in a relationship and going to a comedy club can help gauge whether or not you guys have the same sense of humor.  If you don’t, you probably are not going to mesh very well in any other areas.  Having a good laugh is also a great way to break the ice with someone new.  It helps ease some of the nervousness the two of you may have from being on a first date.  It also gives you a bit to talk about afterwards. 

Why would a comedy club be perfect for married couples?  It’s fun to share a laugh that is not at the expense of each other.  Sure, you may have thought it was funny when you precious little one pooped on your significant other but I assure you that they did not feel that it was that hilarious.  Going to comedy club with your spouse is a great way to relax and have fun.  Laughing is a great stress reducer which is something all of us need.  Comedy clubs are a great way to break away from the typical movie and a dinner date night.  It brings something fresh and new and is a great way to keep things exciting.

Comedy clubs are good for your health

Not only are comedy clubs great for date nights but they are also good for your health!  Laughter is truly the best medicine and it is infectious.  Laughing has been proven to strengthen your immune system, give you energy, diminish pain and help with stress.  The Comedy Zone is the perfect medicine you will need to get through these grueling holidays that will soon be upon us!

The Comedy Zone in Jacksonville, Flordia

If you are looking for the perfect comedy club, you must visit The Comedy Zone located in Jacksonville, Florida inside the Ramada Hotel.  Known for hosting big names such as Rob Schneider, Jeff Ross and Jim Bruer, they are also host to up and coming comedians from the Jacksonville areas.  There are shows every Tuesday through Saturday which is unusual for a comedy club to have that much activity throughout the week.  Just proves how popular they are!

Drinks, Eats and Great Service! 

The reason why this is a much loved establishment by the locals is that although there is a one drink minimum they are known for their strong drinks that are also reasonably priced.  You can also order a delicious meal as they do offer a full menu.  Their food is served from Gigi’s which is the restaurant inside the hotel.  The servers are amazing and very attentive.  All you have to do is raise a card on the table when you need service and they are there right away – perfect when you don’t want to interrupt the show.  The layout of The Comedy Zone is perfect and intimate.  It does well at making sure that every seat in the house is a great seat.  This level of intimacy in its club layout lends itself to the comedy who loves to hang out with their audience before and after the show which many comedians have been known to do here!  Get a photo or spend some time chatting with your favorite entertainer.

Don’t have to break the Bank! 

The Comedy Zone is also easy on your budget!  Besides greatly priced drinks, they also offer reasonably priced admission.  Some great tips at getting free tickets is fill out their survey while you are there and if you hand it back in before you go, they will give you free passes to come back again.  These passes are valid on Tuesday through Thursday nights, as long as it is not a big name performing.  Be sure to also follow their website, social media for notice of free tickets.   Sometimes if you just give them a call they will give you free tickets on certain nights just for asking. 

Great packages for everyone and every occasion

They also offer great packages if you are staying within the hotel that includes dinner, show, overnight stay and a full breakfast!  The Comedy Zone is also a great place to celebrate your birthday.  Just join their birthday club and you and your 10 friends can enjoy a free night.  The Comedy Zone can accommodate parties of 10 to 300 people.  So if you are looking for a place to host your next corporate party or you have a fundraiser or bachelorette party – this place is a fabulous for it.  There really is something for everyone here at The Comedy Zone!