What's a Divvy Offer?

Sellers, don’t be alarmed if you receive a cash offer from an investor / corporation called “Divvy Homes.” An offer from Divvy is one way for homeowners to sell quickly to a cash buyer. It’s also a great way for would-be home buyers who are just below the eligibility criteria for purchasing a home to engage in a solid rent-to-own process.

Divvy is a Cash Buyer

Divvy is a cash buyer. Some homeowners don’t like the idea of selling to a corporate investor. Some prefer a more personal connection and the idea of passing along their family’s home to another family who they believe will enjoy the home and care for it the way they did. Although Divvy is technically a corporation, they are only the property owners for the purpose of leasing temporarily. Their rent-to-own program is a difference-maker in the lives of the family who will purchase the home typically 6-12 months later.


Divvy provides a rent-to-own program for quality candidates. Divvy is not a program for low-income families. But it’s a great option for candidates who have sufficient funds for a down payment, but not enough for both down payment and closing costs. They may have decent credit, but score just below the minimum requirements for traditional home loans. 

Easy for Quality Homes

Easy sale for quality homes. Because Divvy is not interested in owning homes (they’d prefer to rent them temporarily, then sell them to the tenants), they have strict standards for the home’s condition. Divvy will order a home inspection, ask for repairs to bring the home into impeccable condition, and demand only qualified contractors do any and all projects no matter how minor.

Divvy can be a win-win for sellers and renters who’d like to own (usually for the same monthly payment). To make sure you maximize the opportunity and keep repair negotiations in check, be sure to work with a qualified real estate agent. 

For more information, visit https://www.divvyhomes.com/how-it-works. Call us before navigating the process alone.

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