about the neumann team

We are a busy husband-wife team. Energetic, focused, and highly goal-oriented with a passion for serving others. We care about improving all areas of life: health, financial stability, family, and learning. This year's vision to "Make Real Estate Great" is not just to improve the public's perception of the real estate industry but also to make this career path great for the Agents who work so hard.

Operational mantras:

  • Excellence - How you do one thing is how you do everything.

  • Execute with Urgency - Get it done now. Communicate fast and often.

  • Extreme Ownership - Own the outcome no matter who's job it is.

Entrepreneurs at heart, we started our own company 14 years ago, built almost entirely by personal referral. Now we're expanding and looking to share our knowledge and energy with ambitious achievers who aren't afraid to challenge themselves and try new things.

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