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You can know what your home is worth right now. Get a 3-minute customized video sent to your inbox. A real professional opinion. Personalized for you. Take an inside peek at sold homes (even if they're still under contract!) Comprehensive analysis delivered up in a quick and simple video. 

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Can't I just do this on Zillow?

Here' what you're missing when you enter your address into Zillow or other similar AVM (automated valuation model) tools online: the ability to filter inaccurate or irrelevant data. You're also missing professional working knowledge of homes, neighborhoods, and home owners. A local professional can spot fatal flaws in one home--and added value in another--where a machine only sees two homes of equal size. In short, you're missing the human factor. 

Information is only as good as its source.

Here's our guarantee to you when you request information from us.

you won't get:

  • Bombarded with sales calls (Zillow sells your information to realtors)
  • Inaccurate or irrelevant information that clouds the estimate (AVM tools often include Active homes that haven't sold yet.)
  • Automated information. Every situation is different. We start every analysis from scratch.

You WILL Get:

  • Fast, professional service without even talking to anyone.
  • Customized price recommendation.
  • Friendly advice that will make you smile. :)

Why You Need a Home Evaluation

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